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Meet “Valeri”

A state-of-the-art platform providing insights on residential real estate property value and development potential


Powerful insights for the entire real estate sector

Valeri is our digital property and market research platform providing quality property and land insights.

Valeri uses proprietary systems to draw on a wide array of locational, market and property data sets to identify patterns that influence and quantify property values.

A new way to value properties

Valeri is a revolutionary new tool to value property. Using cutting-edge technology and artificial intelligence (AI), Valeri draws on massive data sets to learn neighbourhood patterns and predict property values.

Our advanced proprietary algorithm draws on thousands of comparable sales to value and forecast property and land sales with incredible accuracy.

Valeri quantifies locational, property and market attributes (proximity to beaches, schools, main roads, land size etc.) using powerful and secure processing systems.

Property investors and developers
Large-scale property developers
Home builders
Home insurers
Mortgage brokers and advisors
Banks and lenders

The Valeri Solution


Valuation Platform

Valeri draws on big data sets to identify patterns and predict property values in a revolutionary new way. Valeri gives more accurate results in less time, minimising risk, maximising confidence and accelerating your business processes.


Innovative Metrics

Valeri turns qualitative indicators (such as amenity) into dollar value impact. Our new Land Value Algorithm accounts for geographic and socioeconomic features and is parcel unique.


Data Accuracy and Precision

Valeri is significantly faster and more accurate than other Automated Valuation Models available on the market, drawing on thousands of comparable sales. An individually tailored risk profile, verified by stringent out of sample testing, is provided for each property, ensuring the most precise property data possible.

Unique property insights

Valeri gives you access to a wide range of unique property insights. Valeri offers a comprehensive range of dedicated property technology products and solutions for any industry that deals in property.

Property details

Property price estimates

Subdivision potential

Property price index

Soil profile and cracking risk

Neighbourhood metrics

Key benefits


Superior accuracy

Valeri processes massive comparable property and suburb data sets as well as local neighbourhood market analysis to ensure incredibly precise and reliable results. We validate Valeri’s accuracy through weekend blind testing and back casting models as well as the use of advanced error metrics that accurately reflect confidence levels.


Increased efficiency

Valeri’s instant Automated Valuation Model can help reduce business overheads by increasing the speed of essential business processes like property valuations and market analysis and reducing the time to decide.


Minimise risk

Valeri provides unique insights to aid businesses in minimising risk. Our Automated Valuation Model provides improved asset due diligence and lending risk management and specific property development metrics for tailored risk management. Valeri also offers in-depth analytics to uncover over-valuation and risky collateral, further reducing business risk.

Specialised reports available

Valeri offers a variety of property and market intelligence reports to ensure you have the best possible data behind your decisions.


Property Value Report


Property Development Potential Report


Vendor Listing and Market Profile Report

Learn more about how Valeri works