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Data for property investors and developers driving informed decisions

Our bespoke data that automates property development and land subdivision potential helps you differentiate a profitable development site from a longer-term buy and hold, helping you make better decisions.

Industry challenges

Finding a profitable on-market opportunity is timely and inefficient

Better understand the complex planning regimes impacting residential properties

Limited understanding of market trends that influence and impact the neighbourhood you are seeking to invest in

Our solution

Our technology allows us to produce over 20 unique and new automated data points concerning a site’s property developability and land potential for the first time in Australia.

These data points provide instant knowledge about the potential of a block of land. By using our products, property investors and developers will be equipped to find that needle in the haystack and help with your pre-feasibility assessment of a development site in minutes, not hours.


Digital platform "Valeri"

Valeri is our cutting edge platform where we provide property market intelligence to help you better understand property value, recent sales and developability.


Property and market reports

Our new-to-market reports provide you with knowledge about a specific property’s valuation or property development potential.


On-market subscriptions

We can track every developable property that lists on the major real estate portals and allow you to secure that next development site rapidly.

Our industry partnerships

We are proud to have partnered up with Master Builders to provide our services and products to all of their members at a 10% discount.

Want to become a member of Master Builders? Register below to receive your discount code. If you are an existing member, please get in touch with us to receive your discount.

Products available in WA:

  • Development Site Alerts
  • Data Packs


Products available in SA:

  • Valeri reports
  • Development Site Alerts
  • Data Packs

Find out how our data can help your business