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Revolutionary technology unlocking the potential of land and property

We create proprietary technology modules that come together seamlessly to provide new and unparalleled insights on property. 

We have undertaken the construction of three generations of technology that come together to create our data engine – PropertyAI™.

Tecnology 1: An AVM that continuously learns driving accuracy

We developed new AI machine learning powered automated valuation models from the ground up, building a foundational system based on land values. Thinking and operating in 26 dimensions, our AVM uses qualitative and quantitative features to place a value on a property. As an Australian first, we can also calculate the land and overall property values.

Technology 2: Planning laws turned into unique algorithms unlocking land potential

Planning laws are often complex and confusing. After years of working with these laws, we decided to make this simple and easy for everyone to understand. We designed unique algorithms that automatically translate zoning and planning codes into automated subdivisions or amalgamated land options. Our planning engine can determine the maximum yield and highest and best use for land allotments.

Technology 3: A unique model calculating land price uplift

Land subdivision or development will generally create an uplift in the value of the subdivided blocks. We invented a machine learning driven system that writes its mathematical calculation for every parcel of land in a city. This accurately produces the resultant market land value post-development at its potential highest and best use.

Valeri: Powerful insights for the entire real estate sector

Valeri is our digital property and market research platform providing quality property and land insights. Combining our three generations of technology build, Valeri allows users to access information about properties that previously have never been automated.