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New data enabling social and affordable housing providers to serve the community better

We create proprietary data sets on the subdivision and property development potential of land assets that can provide government and not-for-profit providers with unique data to improve the usage of housing assets and predict future development trends for policy planning.

Industry challenges

Shortages of social housing in the system to meet the needs of our communities

Understanding which assets within your portfolio are ripe for redevelopment, allowing for new housing stock to be built

Limited data on development leads to inefficient, costly and manual processes

Our solution

Our technology allows us to produce over 20 unique and new automated data points concerning a site’s property developability and land potential for the first time in Australia.

Our data services social and community housing providers. We identify opportunities within portfolios to develop and enhance your existing asset base with new automated data that instantly evaluates the developability of sites and the potential of those land rich assets to create additional housing stock.


Portfolio assessment

We undertake a rapid assessment of your entire portfolio of housing assets to determine developability and land potential and provide a market valuation for each of your housing assets.


Property and market reports

Our new-to-market reports provide you with knowledge about a specific property’s valuation or property development potential.


Tech-enabled development sites

We can access every development site in a city and help you secure new sites for future development of affordable housing, depending on your location preferences.

Find out how our data can help your business