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Analytics and Consulting

Currently, residential property forecasting and understanding of future growth trends are based on outdated modelling approaches and data that apply to large areas.

Our technology allows us to look at micro-markets to create new data and analytics that accurately inform property projections and growth at a city level.

Obtain access to more granular and prescriptive data on the forecast growth of property across a city.

Analytics and indices

Our technology has been built to be far more granular than other automated valuation providers. We can quantify property trends at a neighbourhood and suburb level.

We create unique property analytics and indices that give you unparalleled insights and knowledge of the property market down to the street level.

Government and development consulting

Our data enables governments and businesses to understand the future market development potential within a neighbourhood or a city and adequately plan for the future.

Our unique city-wide data deliver robust results that forecast population, policy scenarios, infrastructure requirements, house and land appraisals of significant developments, and customer or branch analysis.

State-wide property forecasting model (Coming soon)

One of the biggest challenges all utility and infrastructure providers face is housing forecast.

We have 25-years of expertise helping governments and infrastructure developers understand market-realistic housing projections to underpin these business cases.

We are developing a state-wide property forecast model based on property demand drivers to help you better plan your future projects and serve the community’s needs.

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