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Creating and innovating in the residential property data sector

Our technology enables us to automate more datasets for the residential property market that, up to now, have not been automated across cities.

For the first time in Australian history, new automated data points on residential property development are being automated, adding to the pool of residential property data.

Through our technology, PropertyAI™, the most valuable data – including the true potential of a site from land subdivision – can now be automated.

This data can provide unparalleled insights into the residential property sector and change how Australians view and invest in real estate.

Technology powered by artificial intelligence

AI is changing the game. We have created ways to automate and draw upon massive datasets to collate, clean and curate into meaningful and unique data insights using state-of-the-art machine learning.

Unique insights for the entire residential property value chain

The residential property sector comprises many varied market participants, from financial institutions to real estate professionals to government and infrastructure providers. Our data can help each sector differently and ensure that better decisions are made concerning residential property.

Australian-first service solutions enabled by new data

Our automated data on property development potential is an Australian first. We use this data to help our customers rethink their views on property and provide new to market service offerings with our data to increase knowledge about the potential of real estate.

A desire to inform

The residential real estate market is continuously changing. We track key trends and produce market-leading insights to ensure that we keep up with the changing landscape and look to help others better understand the market with exceptional data.