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Data-driven solutions for large-scale property developers

With new datasets and analytics capabilities, we provide data and consulting services to large developers that help to inform your business cases and make decisions with more information at your fingertips.

Industry challenges

Accessing data that provides market-driven housing demand and supply factors

Labour intensive and manual processes to find market data to inform business cases

Building a pipeline of projects that limits downtime

Our solution

Our technology allows us to produce over 20 unique and new automated data points concerning a site’s property developability and land potential for the first time in Australia.

These data points are unique and provide unparalleled insights into the potential of a block of land. By using our data, real estate agents will be better equipped to discuss the potential of a site with a potential vendor and inform them of price expectations based on the sale of a site, either as a stand-alone property or a development site.



Our unique data on property available across an entire city or state can provide you with rapid information on a property’s development characteristics and help you find new sites.


Tech-Enabled Development Sites

We have access to every development site in a city and can help you secure new sites for future development.


Development consulting

With 20+ years of experience consulting with developers, we provide a consulting experience backed by powerful data to help better inform your project’s business case.


Analytics and indices

We have new granular property prices and trend analytics that go to a neighbourhood level, allowing you a more detailed understanding of a market.

Find out how our data can help your business