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Unique data and products for the residential property market

With unique datasets created and powered by artificial intelligence, we offer various services and products to meet your needs.

Through our unique technology invented over the years, we provide unique datasets to the residential property market that informs you about: 

  1. Residential property valuations, including the value of a land asset pre and post-development
  2. Risks to residential property from the impacts of factors such as bushfire, flooding and other climate related effects
  3. Growth and supply analytics to help determine the future composition of residential assets in a city or state. 

Our data informs the residential property market about every developable property in a city based on current planning laws within a local area and what the potential value uplift is when a block of land is turned into multiple smaller blocks. 

We identify future developments within cities, including which sites within a local area are more likely to be developed and what happens to property prices resulting from property development. 

We provide you with unique data to understand property potential instantly on a mass scale.

Our solutions

Our property data platform, PropertyAI™, provides a depth of data that benefits a broad remit of customers. Our data services several industries from financial services businesses, government bodies, property developers and investors.


Digital platform "Valeri"

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Property market reports

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On-market subscriptions

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Analytics and Consulting

Analytics and indices

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Government and development consulting

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State-wide property forecasting

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Data Solutions


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Portfolio assessment

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Tech-enabled development sites (TEDS)

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Our products and services for Western Australia

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