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New data capabilities for banks and lenders to inform customers and reduce overall risk

Our unique data points and AI-powered AVM that operates in 26 dimensions increase the insights we can provide to lenders, thereby allowing a more significant opportunity for you to connect and retain customers whilst helping you mitigate and assess risk.

Industry challenges

Access to differentiated data and knowledge on residential property

Increase speed of service delivery through accurate and timely valuation data

Reduce portfolio risk rapidly with new risk analytics and metrics to apply to your portfolio

Our solution

Our technology allows us to produce over 20 unique and new automated data points concerning a site’s property developability and land potential for the first time in Australia.

Our unique data and the ability that we have developed to ascertain the development capacity and economic uplift potential of land in a city can provide lenders with more significant opportunities to service their customers and better understand the assets in the context of portfolio risk.



Our unique data on the property, from automated property and land values, to new instant developability insights across an entire city, can provide you with further information to find lending opportunities or mitigate portfolio and asset risk in a rising or falling market.


Analytics and indices

We have access to a range of granular and new property analytics capabilities, including growth and demand analytics and property risk insights. Our data can inform you about future housing risks due to climate change factors assisting you in mitigating potential risk factors.


Portfolio assessment

We can undertake a rapid assessment of large housing portfolios to determine developability, land potential and more. Our reviews provide you with new data for your entire customer back book and help you have deeper conversations with your customers.


Property and market reports

Our new-to-market reports provide you with knowledge about a specific property’s valuation or property development potential.


Digital platform "Valeri"

Valeri is our cutting edge platform where we provide property market intelligence to help you better understand property value, recent sales and developability.

Find out how our data can help your business