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Helping infrastructure providers plan for the future with new data and analytics

The key to every infrastructure project is access to data around future demand and usage, thereby determining the asset’s size and scale. Our data analytics enable us to assess and understand market-realistic development drivers; we help infrastructure providers optimise their projects and reduce costs.

Industry challenges

Access to high-quality forecast data around market demand for housing in a suburb, city or state

Limited understanding of how new infrastructure could add to the value of a property and the land it sits on

Ensuring infrastructure builds and upgrades are appropriately costed based on market-realistic data

Reduce operating costs

Our solution

We provide utilities and infrastructure with housing forecasts and scenarios that are market realistic and land and dwelling footprints that can refine consumption models.

We can help infrastructure providers with property valuation indices at a micro-market level to help inform the public about the potential value change of properties, garnering market support.


Consulting services

We have a two-decade track record in assisting governments with complex planning, infrastructure and urban policy setting by applying data analytics. With access to new data around development, land and property values and potential land uplift as a result of development, we can provide access to new insights to underpin your policy setting.


State-wide property forecasting model

We are currently developing a state-wide property forecast model using market-realistic property demand drivers to help you better plan your projects and serve the community’s needs.


Analytics and indices

We have access to a range of granular and new property analytics capabilities, including growth and demand analytics and property risk insights. Our data can inform future housing risk due to climate change factors assisting you in mitigating potential risk factors.

Find out how our data can help your business