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Data Solutions

We are the only company in Australia that can instantly identify every developable residential property in a city.

Our unique data considers the current planning code and turns that into actual outcomes. The information can be used by a range of businesses trying to identify developable sites, grow their business and understand which sites will be developed to better plan for the future.

We provide data on developable sites across a city to help you better plan and shape our future cities.


We have access to datasets that no other provider in the market can produce across an entire city. Our datasets are created by our technology that instantly interprets city-wide planning codes and turns this into new data to inform you about the potential of that land asset.

Our datasets enable a new, more complete view of a residential property. We can provide this data to users via any means, from API to excel spreadsheet.

Portfolio assessment

We are the only provider in Australia with a list of every developable property across a city. The power of this is that we can instantly assess asset portfolios of hundreds to thousands of properties.

Our assessment results inform you exactly which properties are developable and the potential of these sites. Our data helps portfolio holders unlock the asset portfolios’ true potential.

Tech-enabled development sites (TEDS)

We uncover “The List” of every residential development site in a city. In an Australian first, we identify off-market sites and secure properties on behalf of builders and developers through an external buyer’s agent.

If you are interested in a secured site for your next development, we can provide the data that enables you to find that needle in the haystack.

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