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New and powerful data insights for the residential property market

Our data provides you with new data and analytics to help you manage your residential property sector exposure.

With new automated datasets at your disposal, you have opportunities to improve your business performance and allow you to spend more time delivering your projects.

Who do we service

Property Market

Property investors and developers

Use powerful new data products to help you find a profitable development site in seconds.

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Large-scale property developers

Understand market-realistic property development and demographic data to inform your business case.

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Home builders

Gain access to data that helps you fill building project pipelines more efficiently.

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Financial Services

Banks and lenders

Reduce lending risks and improve your customer experience with new automated data insights.

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Mortgage brokers and advisors

We provide insights that help to generate and convert new leads.

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Home insurers

Use new data and analytics tools to assess risk to property assets better.

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Government and Housing

State and local government

We help to create policies that shape our cities and neighbourhoods.

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Social housing providers

We help to optimise asset portfolios and yield to improve affordable housing outcomes for the community.

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Infrastructure and utilities

We help asset owners to plan for future infrastructure requirements with market-driven property development forecasts.

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