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PropertyAI™ - AI powered technology creating new proprietary data for the residential real estate market

Powered by three generations of technology, artificial intelligence and machine learning, PropertyAI™ is our bespoke and proprietary data engine.

Proprietary technology and data engine

PropertyAI™ has been built from the ground up, with each of our technologies requiring extensive R&D, experimentation and testing. Our technology ingests billions of data points to calculate and forecast the property value (land and building), land subdivision capacity, and resultant land value uplift.

We clean, curate, and combine existing property data points to create brand automated data points for the residential property sector.

Three unique generations of technology builds

Technology #1

AI automated valuation models predicting both property and land values

A new AI machine learning automated valuation model (AVM) to drive accuracy in building a foundation land value system.


The only AVM in the market estimating land values that are important for property development potential.

Our AVM undertakes and updates over a million property valuations every week in hours.

Technology #2

Planning algorithm engine unlocking land potential

Unique planning algorithms can translate zoning and planning codes into sub-divided or amalgamated land options.

The engine allows us to iterate through all possibilities for maximum yield and highest and best use.

Our technology can also calculate the frontage and setbacks of every property in a city. 

Technology #3

Land economics model for every property

A machine learning-driven system that writes its own mathematical calculation for every subdividable parcel of land within a city to accurately predict the resultant market land value post-development at its highest and best use.

This allows us to automatically calculate land value uplift when a large block of residential land is subdivided into smaller ones under the applicable planning laws providing unparalleled insight into land across a city.

We can rank every every property in a city by land profit or redevelopment potential.

Powerful technology creating proprietary data

Our technology platform, PropertyAI™, creates new automated data sets.

Through our technology and proprietary data points, the most valuable data – including the true potential of a site is, from land subdivision – can now be automated. This is adding to the residential property database.

We are creating the first automated data sets for the Australian residential property market to address property development data. Our mission is to democratise this development potential data and fundamentally change the Australian property market by putting more power and knowledge in the hands of the property owners and developers. Our data can increase residential property’s social and economic activity and create more significant opportunities for all Australian property owners.

Automated data points for the residential real estate market.

PropertyAI provides a depth of new automated data points that allow us to service a broad range of industries in the Australian residential real estate market.

Learn how our data can help your business.

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