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Efficient data-driven insights for home builders

Our technology can rapidly identify every site in urban areas within a city that can be subdivided and developed. This data can assist you in finding better sites faster and help you scale and grow your business.


Industry challenges

Increase efficiency of property searching, thereby reducing the cost of finding high-profit sites

Improve your marketing efforts to drive qualified leads for your building products

Build a pipeline of projects that reduce downtime

Our solution

Our technology allows us to produce over 20 unique and new automated data points concerning a site’s property developability and land potential for the first time in Australia.

These data points are unique and provide unparalleled insights into the potential of a block of land. Our ability to identify and rank sites across an entire city for knockdown and rebuild will assist builders in securing sites.



Our unique data on property available across an entire city or state can provide you with rapid information on a property’s development characteristics and help you find new sites.


Digital platform "Valeri"

Valeri is our cutting edge platform where we provide our bespoke property data solutions to help you better understand a property’s value, recent sales and developability.


Property and market reports

Our new-to-market reports provide you with knowledge about a specific property’s valuation or property development potential.


On-market subscription service

We provide subscribers with daily updates that track and rank every listed site by development potential and profit using our data.

Find out how our data can help your business