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In-depth data insights to manage portfolio risk and understand future housing trends

With access to new datasets and analytics that identify physical risk, we can overlay this with accurate property and land valuations enabling you to assess property assets better. Our insights inform your customer portfolios and reduce insurance risk.

Industry challenges

Understanding “market realistic” property growth and supply data to estimate the future housing projections across a city

Accessing data and analytics that can identify environmental and physical risks to properties at an individual or neighbourhood level

Assessing the replacement asset value versus a residual building value based on accurate property and land valuations

Our solution

Our technology allows us to produce up to 24 new automated data points on a property providing unique and new-to-market data and analytics capabilities.

Through the uniqueness of our data and the ability to overlay physical risk layers within our robust valuation data, we can provide insurers with a bird’s eye view of an insurance portfolio enabling powerful insights understood at a property or city-wide level.



Our unique property data, from automated property and land values to new insights on residual building values across an entire city, can provide further information to assess properties in a new light and provide new insights to evaluate your premiums.


Analytics and indices

We have access to a range of granular and new property analytics capabilities, including growth and demand analytics and property risk insights. Our data can inform you about future housing risks due to climate change factors assisting you in mitigating these factors.

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