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Our Products

Our products combine publicly available property datasets with unique, new datasets that enable you to have better conversations with your customers.

Whether you’re seeking to understand property value, land value or land developability, our products contain powerful insights that, until now, have required significant manual input.

Access city-wide automated data to better serve your customers.

Digital platform "Valeri"

Our bespoke digital platform Valeri helps users understand property values, neighbourhood and suburb growth trends, risk of property cracking and other property insights to assess a property better. Valeri allows you to search for an address and access market-leading data on a property.

Property market reports

Our reports provide a range of data points on a property.  

Access samples of our reports to understand how these reports can help you better understand any property in a city. Our reports include:

  • Property Development Potential report 
  • Buyer’s and Market Profile report 
  • Property Value report 

On-market subscriptions

Subscribers receive a daily alert that summarises every developable residential property that lists on a real estate portal over the previous 24 hours. The summary includes information on the potential development of a property – even if not labelled by the agent.

Our subscription service saves you time and effort and finds your next development project faster and more efficiently.

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