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PointData is Australia’s leading property development data and data engine

PointData is an artificial intelligence (AI) and machinelearning powered proptech, that creates brand new, proprietary data points for the residential real estate and development markets that have never previously been automated. We provide unique data for the Australian residential property market providing insights into the true value of land. 


What makes PointData unique?

PropertyAI is our proprietary technology combining two modules of bespoke technology development. Through PropertyAI, we automate the property development potential of residential property in a city, providing rapid insights to our users. 

AI automated valuation models accurately predicting property values

Our AVM undertakes and updates over a million property valuations every week in hours.

Planning algorithm engine unlocking land potential

Unique planning algorithms can translate zoning and planning codes into sub-divided land options.

The engine allows us to iterate through all possibilities for maximum yield.

Our technology can also calculate the frontage and setbacks of every property in a city.

Are you a member of MBAWA?

All new and existing Master Builder WA members will receive a 10% discount on all products available from PointData. If you are a member of Master Builders WA, please contact MBAWA to receive your discount code. To become a member of MBAWA and receive all of their industry leading offerings along with a PointData discount code, register below.

How do we help MBAWA Members?

PointData’s products and services allow MBAWA members to access exclusive property knowledge like never before. Insights that will assist with:


Understand where all the residential development opportunities are in your preferred suburb or LGA.


Help secure a pipeline of works through infill development sites.


Eliminates the administrative burden of searching for sites, giving you time back into your business to secure the sites.


Gives you confidence to expand and grow your business into new locations.


Helps validate your existing/preferred property development areas, by identifying all off-market and on-market development opportunities in an entire suburb, LGA or city.

Member benefits

All MBAWA member will receive 10% off all products and services from PointData.

New PointData products and services will be pre-released to MBAWA members for an industry “first mover advantage”.

Our products for Western Australia


A Data Pack is a list of all residential properties that have land sub-division potential in your desired suburb or LGA. PointData’s tech has identified over 180,000 development sites in WA.

Who is it designed for?

Property professionals looking for “off-market” residential development sites in a specific suburb or LGA. If you are looking to build a pipeline of development sites, tired of being outbid at auctions, and/or don’t have the time to create an “off-market” target list. Let our team and data do the heavy lifting for you.

What’s included?

Each data pack will include the following:

  • Property address
  • Suburb / LGA
  • R-Code policy
  • Site area
  • Site frontage
  • PointData’s estimated property value
  • Maximum dwelling yield

Let PointData help you, get your Data Pack today!


Development Site Alert is a development tool that automatically selects newly listed development sites and emailed to you daily. Finding “on-market” development sites can be a time-consuming task. Yet there are still fantastic opportunities to be had. With development site alerts you will never miss an “on-market” development opportunity again.

Who is it designed for?

  • Property professionals looking to secure residential development opportunities now.
  • Businesses looking to build a pipeline of development sites efficiently.
  • Builders and developers wanting to make quick informed decision about their next project. Never miss a great “on-market” development opportunity again.

What’s included?

  • Subscribers are alerted by PointData of sites that are listed are on market which are developable (i.e. have subdivision potential) within 24 hrs of listing.
  • An email alert is provided, and summary spreadsheet is available to subscribers which includes property and development data to assist purchasers in their purchasing/development options and decision making.

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