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License to use website

Unless otherwise stated, PointData and/or its licensors own the intellectual property rights in the website and material on the website. Subject to the license below, all these intellectual property rights are reserved.You may view, download for caching purposes only, and print pages or .pdf reports from the website for your own personal use, subject to the restrictions set out below and elsewhere in these terms and conditions.
Whilst all reasonable effort is made to ensure that the information contained on this site and associated reports is current and reliable, PointData does not underwrite the completeness or accuracy of the data and information contained in this report and to the full extent not prohibited by law excludes all for any loss or damage arising in connection with the data and information contained in this report.

This report contains information that has been derived from a number of sources including Government and non-Government databases. This Residential Development Algorithm (RDA) has been calibrated to market conditions that will only be updated on a periodic basis and therefore the date of the report only reflects the request date. The report is computer generated and is not a professional appraisal of the subject property by a valuation expert, planner, builder and sales agent and should not be relied upon as such. The accuracy of the RDA used to assess this property and arrive at the preferred development type and net profit result is subject to a number of parameters of the subject property, and the accuracy of the numerical values are estimates based on available data and are not guaranteed or warranted. PointData excludes all liability for any loss or damage arising in connection with the methods applied by PointData. The recommended purchase price of the subject property, as well as the sale price of the final building product, is indicative only and based on valuation data and Real Estate sales data and may not reflect the actual purchase price of the property, before or after development.

State Government Copyright Notice and Disclaimer SA – © 2015 Copyright in this information belongs to the South Australian Government and the South Australian Government does not accept any responsibility for the accuracy or completeness of the information or its suitability for purpose.

Data Explanation

PointData has not applied a professional valuation of the property given that the objective is to purchase below the market cost for any given parcel.

The shape of the parcel has been assumed to be rectangular or square applying the dimensions of area and frontage. To this extent if the shape varies from this assumption in any way the results contained in this report may not be representative of actual results and therefore PointData professional services or a professional planner should be consulted.

Assumptions are provided within this report where appropriate.

Every property referred to on this site or within reports are  located in a Council or Shire  and therefore all zoning information relates to planning policy at the time the tool algorithm databases were updated. While every endeavour is made to update the policy parameters applied by the RDA Tool this can vary and therefore a planner’s professional opinion (council or private company) should be sought.

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